What is Detoxification? For many of us, when we hear the “detoxification” it can conjure up images of people sitting in infrared saunas ‘sweating it out’, drinking only natural freshly juiced vegetables and fruits, colonics therapy, and even fasting. While all of these methods can certainly help us detoxify our tissues, there are additional tools… [Continue Reading]

In a 2008 article from the Linus Pauling Institute, “While overall caloric needs tend to decrease with age, the requirements for individual micronutrients (vitamins and nutritionally-essential minerals) do not decrease. In fact, the needs for some micronutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, actually increase with age: adults older than 50 years require higher intakes… [Continue Reading]

Many of our Patients have had excellent changes to their pain levels and overall sense of well-being, after they begin a nutritional regimen of Jusuru, which is an anti-aging nutritional blend. This nutritional blend has not only been effective in reducing joint pain issues related to worn down cartilage, but tendon issues which are often… [Continue Reading]

By using Live Blood Analysis, also known as Darkfield phase contrast microscope technology, we can view attributes of your blood that are normally invisible using traditional methods. This allows us to identify problems that may be adversely affecting your health that cannot be detected using most traditional blood tests. This process, called Live Cell Microscopy… [Continue Reading]

When the body is missing the right nutrition, acute or episodic inflammation can become perpetual and “stuck”, leading to a state of “chronic” or “systemic” inflammation.  Inflammation can be attributed to nearly every disease and injury in the body in varying degrees. Reducing inflammation can change the way your body feels.   Inflammation and Pain… [Continue Reading]