Reduce Inflammation

??????????????? When the body is missing the right nutrition, acute or episodic inflammation can become perpetual and “stuck”, leading to a state of “chronic” or “systemic” inflammation.  Inflammation can be attributed to nearly every disease and injury in the body in varying degrees. Reducing inflammation can change the way your body feels.  

Inflammation and Pain
Inflammation is a required response by your body that helps spring your immune system into action when tissues are damaged.  When this happens, your body uses nutrients and chemicals to whisk away toxic debris, dead tissues and waste. Without inflammation, a simple injury could leave an area of our body permanently disabled.  When dealing with acute responses, the body’s capacity to shut off inflammation when it’s not needed contributes to a pain free experience.  

Chronic inflammation
When you experience chronic inflammation, your body tissues remain in a perpetual state of stress.  This creates more tissue damage and other problems.  Only your body’s innate intelligence can decide when it is appropriate to turn off, but if we have nutritional deficiencies, then the message system we rely upon may not be working properly.  

Positive feedback loop
Inflammation can grow exponentially and affect many areas of your body unless a signal tells it to stop. Sometimes when people suffer acute inflammation in the body, often they lack the nutrient “chemical intelligence” which directs your immune system to turn off this process when it is appropriate.  

Measuring inflammation levels via CRP
C- Reactive Protein, abbreviated “CRP,” is a protein that is produced by the liver as a response to high levels of inflammation in the body. High CRP levels are associated with an increased risk of Heart Attack and Stroke.  CRP is also considered to be a reliable indicator of inflammation in the body. High levels of inflammation also contribute to feeling stressed.  

Testing your CRP (inflammation levels)
We can test your CRP levels with a Comprehensive Bioscreen blood panel, which is part of our general screening. We also use the Inflammation Panel developed by cardiologists at Cleveland Heart Lab, and this test is considered the premiere blood test when it comes to detecting heart disease or stroke.  We work with a blend of several nutrients to help reduce your CRP levels, addressing the cause of inflammation, which provides longer lasting results.